Solid-woven flame retardant conveyor belt

Solid-woven flame retardant conveyor belt

Compared with common heat-resisting belt ,this product has the property of scorching resistance, under high temperature condition, the compact charring layer can be formed rapidly and plays a function of heat separation/scorching resistance effect, and thus it can prolong and improve the service life. It is suitable for the special transport site with high temperature(such as sintering/cement mines, etc).The temperature of the transport material can reach as high as 200-300,instantaneous temperature can reach 600.

Product characteristics:

1.A layer of special heat-resistance fabric(GF canvas)is covered on the strong force layer approaching the work face, the high-temperature polyester canvas is used for strength bearing layer.

2.Having a unique ingredient of cover rubber, a heat insulation charring layer will form on its surface during delivery of high temperature material/objects.

3.The excellent adhesive rubber recipe ensures a high adhesion between fabric layers and avoiding defects such as bubbling and delaminating, with a good stability and long service life.

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